Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Past the Gate

I graduated from Southwestern Adventist University this past Sunday, May 6th! It was a bit surreal, sitting on the stage and as I sit on my bed I'm dealing with a little bit of denial. Is it all really over? Now, I tell myself I have to focus all my attentions on the process for Korea. I'm still on Step 1 (there are three steps) and all that I need to get onto the next step is an apostille seal. I sent in the form about two weeks ago but apparently, the paperwork was not done right so I had to resend another packet yesterday. I'm hoping it will be accepted and I will get my apostille seal within a week so I can send off the first batch of papers to Korea. The next step will need my FBI background check which I have not received... I was told it would take 8-12 weeks... I am not a patient person. Yet, it seems all I can do is wait.... and keep waiting. While I wait, I'm going to try and be productive in other areas of life such as exercising, completing summer projects, and working. A BIG thanks to Chaplain Mattey for offering me a contract job that could stretch out to a month if necessary. This extra money will help with gas, debt, and unforeseen expenses that may arise throughout this whole process of obtaining a VISA. >.<
I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Is this the end or the beginning?

I turned in my paper on Adlerian therapy today at about 3 o'clock. This closed the end of my undergraduate experience. On Sunday, I will march down and receive my diploma. As I sit here, I wonder at this feeling of loss. It seems as though my childhood is now officially over. I will step out of the nest of Adventist education and embark on a wild journey. Of course, I'm excited to start a new adventure and finally stand on my own two feet, but I'm pondering whether my fear is greater than my anticipation. Only time will tell.

Since this blog was created with the basic purpose of recording my time in Korea, I will fill in some details on the process so far (for those who are deeply interested and don't know already). There is a three step process involved and I'm almost ready to check off the first step. All I'm waiting for is to get my photocopied diploma with the apostille seal mailed back to me. These last few weeks have been hectic with trying to get my fingerprints mailed in to get the background check process started (because the check can take 8-12 weeks), finishing student teaching, and getting all the school work done. Now that I will have graduated, however, I will have all the time to focus on my process with Korea! I will try to keep up this blog as diligently as possible and will strive to make it interesting to read!